Nutritional Programs

Congregate Meal Programs

All State funded centers serve as group meal locations. It is intended for person 60 and older to have one nutritionally balanced meal on weekdays. Advance meal order reservations are required by each site. For qualified participants, contributions are suggested but not required. Some congregate meal sites are in senior apartments or community centers. There may be transportation to meal sites.

For more information call our Toll-free number at: 1-866-836-6678

Home Delivered Meals Services

The Home Delivered Meals program provides a noontime meal that consists of one-third of the RDA daily nutritional requirements.

Certain Qualifications  Must Be Met To Participate

For more information call our Toll-free number at: 1-866-836-6678

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


If you are 60+, applying for SNAP might be easier than you think!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federally funded, means-tested entitlement program that provides certain low-income individuals and families with a monthly benefit that they can use to buy food.

The Southeast Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disability (SETAAAD) provides free application assistance.

For more information or application assistance, contact the SNAP Benefits Coordinator, by calling 1-866-836-6678 or (423) 424-4256.

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